“No one other than Todd Ancona with Tax Advisors will ever do my taxes again. His knowledge is extraordinary. Not only was money saved, a refund was received. Of great importance, Todd is always available, prompt to answer questions, and has great patience with explanations regarding accounts. It is easy and a pleasure to recommend Todd Ancona to all of my friends and acquaintances.”

-Diane Dufilho, Shreveport, LA

“Would like to take a moment to express my great appreciation for Todd Ancona and the team at Tax Advisers. I have been working with them three years and am extremely satisfied. I opened a new business two years ago and Todd took great care to make sure I was using my accounting software correctly so that my tax returns were correct. Thanks very much…see you next year.”

-Chris Disher, Broussard La

“Below is what my wife and I had to say five years ago, it has now been eight years that we have been with Wealth and Tax Advisors, nothing has changed except we feel stronger in our appreciation of the; professionalism, competence, and reliability that Nolan Venable and his staff provide. Special acknowledgement to Todd Ancona at the bottom. “Three years ago my wife and I moved all of our investments to the care and custody of Nolan Venable, what has transpired thereafter is nothing short of fantastic. For the first time we were dealing with an investment advisor that absolutely had our best interest in mind. The first thing Nolan did was educate us in investing; he has an amazing ability to explain different investment strategies in common sense and understandable terms. The second thing that occurred was; we were able to track all of our investments, understand what they were doing, and see how they supported our retirement goals and objectives. Nolan was then able to analyze these investments as a function of our tax liability which perfectly completed our investment strategy loop. My wife and I speak about our satisfaction after each visit to Nolan’s office; we look forward to our appointments and feel confident in knowing our money is in such honest and capable hands. Nolan and his staff consistently exceed our expectations, I recommend Tax Advisor to family, friends and colleagues.” This year, 2019 we would like to specifically complement and acknowledge Todd Ancona for his comprehensive knowledge of tax law. Todd handled a very complex IRS issue for us, he put together a very detailed document that answered all the IRS questions, he actually found an IRS error (IRS agreed) that changed our return in our favor. Without question Todd is an tax professional that we recommend to our family and friends – thanks Todd.”

-Robert & Dawn Suggs, Lafayette

“I have been utilizing Tax Advisors for several years. Todd Ancona is the “BOMB!!” I had a very complicated tax situation that Todd handled! Todd is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the tax laws. He put together a very detailed 54 page amended return. The I.R.S. accepted these detailed documents without asking for any additional information and refunded me several thousand dollars. I can not thank Todd enough for his knowledge and expertise. I highly recommend Todd for all of your tax needs.”

-Cheryl Guillory, Youngsville

“I assume we are like most tax payers. We want to pay what we are obligated to pay, but not more than that. We also want our tax returns to be as accurate as humanly possible so there are no future surprises. Tax Advisors has helped us accomplish these goals for several years. Recently, the preparation of our federal and state taxes was entrusted to Mr Nicholas Perron. I emailed questions prior to our meeting and he answered swiftly, fully explaining the information I needed. At the time of our consult, he knew the answers to all my questions and I left our meeting feeling relieved. Mr. Perron made sure I was confident in his ability to help us reach our two tax goals……..accuracy and nothing that should cause future surprises. He also presented several suggestions on ways we may save on our future tax obligations. Taxes are not a fun subject and Mr. Perron made our consult as stress-free as possible. His amiable approach, as well as the high level of professionalism he presented, helped alleviate the usual anxiety I feel during tax review. I’m already not dreading next year quite as much as usual.”

-Nanette Williams, Vernon Parish

“I have worked with Tax Advisors for over five years now. Recently, I presented Todd Ancona a very complicated tax situation where he was able to obtain a refund from the I.R.S. Todd’s work on this project was precise. His work resulted in a 54 page self explanatory document that was accepted without any additional inquiry from the I.R.S. I am certain this was possible as a result of Todd’s comprehensive knowledge of tax laws, his experience and professionalism. I would highly recommend Todd and Nolan of Tax Advisor’s for your tax needs.”

-Richard Guillory, Lafayette, LA

“Tax Advisors has handled our tax return preparation for the past 5 years. I could not be happier with the service provided by their team. In a recent need for tax advice, Todd Ancona was able to quickly and thoroughly review our tax information and save us thousands of dollars! Todd is a seasoned professional who has experience in communicating with the IRS. I’d highly recommend Todd and the rest of the team at Tax Advisors to everyone!”

-Nick Richard, Lafayette, LA

“Tax Advisors is truly exceptional in the delivery of their services. Prior to coming to Tax Advisors my husband and I had a nightmare of an experience with a former CPA who made negligent tax preparation errors which resulted in the IRS sending us bills and penalties for thousands of dollars. Tax Advisor’s Enrolled Agent Todd Ancona worked diligently to correctly amend our tax returns and advocate on our behalf in multiple discussions with the IRS which helped resolve the prior errors on our returns and saved us from having to pay the excessive amount of money mistakenly assessed to our taxes. Todd Ancona was very knowledgeable, informative and caring in his interactions with us. We also appreciate the tax preparation services of Tax Advisor’s CPA Nick Perron who educated us on helpful tax deduction tips and thoroughly explained our tax document filing results answering all of our questions. I greatly appreciated the timely communication provided by these professional gentlemen. They always returned my phone calls and emails promptly. Never have I had to call them twice for a single inquiry. I am very grateful that I can have peace of mind that my taxes are prepared with the professionalism, competence, reliability and accountability of Tax Advisors.”

-Val Jones-Melancon, Lafayette, LA

“My husband and I have owned and operated our own businesses for almost 10 years. Finding advice and professional accounting help that is also affordable has always been an issue for us until we started using Nolan Venable and the incredible staff at Wealth and Tax Advisors. They have weeded through many small details that we had overlooked or misunderstood while trying to self manage our own business expenses and tax filings. We are so grateful to them! I would highly recommend them to any small business- one starting up or one that has matured and needs fine tuning! Nolan tries to get on a personal level with his clients to understand the mechanics of their business and offers great advice as well as TAX SAVINGS!”

-Alexandra Matte, Rayne, LA

“I have worked for a number of years internationally. When tax time came along paying all those taxes was so discouraging knowing all that money was going to the government. I always asked my CPA if any of that money could be excluded. I was always told that I didn’t qualify. If my daughter had not been associated with Tax Advisors I might have settled for the status quo. I met with Todd and he ammended three years of returns. It was not easy and a struggle all the way but he persisted and I got what I had coming to me. Those guys were professional and persistant. I would encourage anyone who has to pay taxes give them a first look. You will not regret it.”

-Robert Lemaire, Abbeville, LA

“Tax stuff is never fun, but I appreciate the work Tax Advisors does for me and especially how Todd operates. He’s thorough, but efficient and ensures I understand my return. Since I’ve been with Tax Advisors, each year gets easier and easier, and my knowledge and understanding grows. More than just filing my returns, Todd, Nolan and the team there love what they do and are always eager to share what they know to help me better prepare for the next tax season and to grow my business with confidence.”

-Mike Spears, Lafayette, LA

“The IRS has always been an intimidating force, and a sure way to have a costly, unwanted run-in with the big guys is to file your taxes improperly. I had been through a couple of tax advisors, but always felt like many of the pieces were missing. Todd, my personal EA at Tax Advisors, was very personable, attentive, and patient. Todd explained everything to the extent that I could actually understand- even if it took a couple of hours. Todd’s vast knowledge of current tax laws ensured that I would save as much as possible, and with Todd’s concise and simplistic explanations reassured me that I was in good hands. Tax Advisors is a complete financial operation, from financial advising, investments, and retirement plans, to personal and business taxes; all done in the same office! While Todd helped me with my personal and business taxes, Nolan and Erica helped me with retirement planning and setting up my 401k. With the most well informed and friendliest of staff, I am truly grateful that I decided to go with Nolan Venable and his knowledgable staff. Thanks everyone!!!”

-Paula Ducharme, Lafayette, LA

“Since starting my business 15 years ago, I’ve asked…sometimes begged…my CPA to help with advanced tax planning and advice on how to best manage my finances in order to minimize my tax liability. Until now, those requests fell on deaf ears. The team at Tax Advisors has helped me to better understand how the tax code works, how it affects my business, and has provided some much needed advice. Most impressive have been their knowledge of the tax code and the credits available to my business. Todd Ancona, EA worked closely with us to research and identify the tax credits available to Firefly, as well as those that might become available as we grow and expand the company. Dave Motes, CPA worked tirelessly with my staff in the research and assimilation of the information needed to take advantage of available tax credits. Without question, it’s been a pleasure working with Tax Advisors. Nolan’s foresight and passion for tax and financial planning is a breath of fresh air. Clearly, this translates to a team of professionals that operate at a very high level to provide a valuable resource for growing our business. Tax Advisors are much more than accountants. They are professionals who understand my business, and how to help me make the most of it.”

-Mike Spears, President & CEO Firefly Digital, Lafayette, LA

“We love Nolan and all the staff at Tax Advisors. Everyone is so helpful and always so kind. We’ve been doing our taxes there since 2009. Before we started working with Nolan with Tax Advisors, we were owing thousands to the IRS every year. My parents ended up telling me to go to the tax firm that they use which happened to be Tax Advisors!! From the very first year we started doing our taxes there, we have been getting a refund!! I wish we would have started going there from the very beginning. As of 2 years ago, my husband and I started our own business and they have been there for us every step of the way and we will be forever grateful for all that they do for us. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to help us with our business ventures or taxes! Thank you Nolan and all your staff for everything you do for us!!!!”

-Justin & Jill Jenkins, Basile, La

“”Customer service and professionalism at its best!” Nolan and his staff at Wealth, Tax, and Insurance Advisors provide extraordinary customer service while working together as a team with their customers’ best interest at heart. Nolan’s expertise on tax and financial planning is top notch. His passion, enthusiasm, and true desire to educate and assist his clients in multiple aspects is truly impressive. The entire office staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and always eager to help. I feel blessed and privileged to work with Nolan and his outstanding staff.”

-Tiffani Morales, Lafayette, La

“Having been my first time seeking outside tax help I was a bit nervous. On top of that having back taxes to be dealt with made me that much more nervous. That’s where my tax advisor, Quynh Van, comes in. What a professional! Quynh treated me with kindness and respect during the entire process. She left no stone unturned and presented me with all available options and scenarios. Quynh showed me exactly what she was doing and why she was doing it every step of the way. Tax Advisors could not be more transparent and informative. I left with awesome tips and tricks for next years filing and on top of that a lot of extra money coming my way! I was so happy about my experience I brought my new wife in a few weeks later to file jointly for the first time and like before it was a beautiful and seamless process. My wife and I cannot say enough about Quynh and Tax Advisors. They have made me a client for life and I would recommend their services to anyone seeking tax or financial advising. Thank you, Quynh Van and Tax Advisors!”

-Trevor Lemaire, Lafayette, LA

“Quynh Van has been FANTASTIC with her work on my business accounting and tax return. She has always been helpful and patient with me. I’d recommend Tax Advisors, LLC to anyone for tax and consulting services!”

-Renee Ory, Lafayette, LA

“This guy Todd is super quick, with a high moral compass to perform his duties logically and systematically. His easy-going manner in drafting and filling out the return leads me with confidence that his acumen is “sharp as a tack”. No pun intended. I highly recommend Todd for any tax problems you may have….Thanks, Todd!”

-Dan Barzare, Sunset, LA

“I originally came to Tax Advisors LLC because my 2012 tax return had been audited and the IRS was assessing an additional $67000 in taxes, penalties and interest. I met with Nolan Venable and he understood my situation. Nolan assigned my case to this amazing tax expert named Todd Ancona. He contacted the IRS and asked for an audit reconsideration of 2012. When the IRS levied my bank account for over $22000 due to the IRS’ assessment, he called the IRS and was able to get them to release the levy. When it was all said and done not only did Todd reverse the IRS’ assessment he was able to get an additional $4600 refund. After Todd was done working on 2012 tax return, he went to work on amending several other years. Todd told me that the IRS statue of limitation on refunds for Foreign Tax Credit was 10 years, not the usual 3 year statue of limitation for refunds. Apparently, my previous CPA did not know how to handle Foreign Tax Credits on my returns. All total, Todd was able to secure over $170000 in refunds and interest from the IRS for my Foreign Tax Credit going back as far as 2008. I am truly grateful that I decided to go with Nolan Venable and his knowledgeable staff. Thanks everyone! Especially Todd Ancona!”

-Roy Milliman, Sulphur, LA

“Nolan and his entire staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful with not only our personal finances and investments, but also our small business’s taxes, as well as our health insurance needs. When we visit his office, each of his staff remembers us and consistently delivers quality service. In addition, they handle anything we throw their way with a speedy turnaround. We couldn’t be more grateful to have Nolan and his team in our corner!”

-Grant and Kara Rutherford, Lafayette, LA

“For the past 10 years, Nolan Venable’s firm has not only handled my state and federal tax returns in the most professional and honest manner, but also his staff has always been readily available to answer any and all questions I have had regarding taxes. Nolan Venable, along with his capable team, have consistently exceeded my expectations every year! Tax laws are very dynamic and as such can affect one’s portfolio on a yearly basis. Knowledgeable professionals and courteous service are an essential one-two punch and that’s what Tax Advisors is all about. The smart money will seek out Tax Advisors every time….”

-Gerald S. George, Ph.D., Lafayette, LA

“My husband and I have been using an online bank for years. Our investment advice consisted of an hour phone call once or twice a year, sometimes with different personnel. As we got closer to retirement, I just did not feel comfortable with that arrangement, and started researching local firms. Reading the testimonials on Nolan Venable’s site convinced me to set up an appointment with him. My husband and I arrived with many questions, and more than a little anxiety. Nolan instantly put us at ease with his welcoming manner, spent considerable time educating us on investments, and answered all of our questions. We made a plan, and for the first time I felt confident we were right on track to fulfill our dreams for retirement. Fast forward six months. We will soon be moving into our beautiful new home in Florida, ready to enjoy our retirement years. I can’t recommend Nolan and his staff highly enough. We felt comfortable and very well taken care of at each meeting. Phone calls and appointments were always handled promptly. Everyone we dealt with was so friendly and courteous, we looked forward to our meetings. Putting our trust in Nolan to handle our investments was an excellent decision, and we look forward to continuing our business relationship from Florida.”

-Jean Kloss, Lafayette, LA

“I have been doing my taxes with H&R Block for 5 years. My husband works overseas and he was talking with a buddy of his who works with him. He said he got back a large amount of money from the state and the IRS, so I looked up tax preparation and Mr. Todd Ancona popped up! I called and talked to Mr. Nolan first about my situation and then he assigned me to a Genius – his name is Mr. Todd Ancona! I want to thank him for amending our past three years’ tax returns and getting us back large refunds from the IRS and the state of Louisiana. So, if you work in a foreign country, I highly recommend Tax Advisors and Mr. Todd Ancona. Thank you so much for everything, Todd!”

-Byrlia Persilver, Kaplan, Louisiana

“I do my taxes long distance and they make it easy. I get quick answers and can go high or low tech. They have saved me money and communicate in easy to comprehend language. The goal is to help me get all the deductions that are legal and make good decisions for the next year as well. They help you plan for where you will be on your next return. They want you to understand your return and how it works so you are clear about your taxes. Helpful, prompt, friendly, competent. It is the whole package.”

-Linda Christian, Kerrville,Texas

“After years with several CPA’s who would not return calls, answer questions or provide advice, a friend suggested we contact Tax Advisors. After our first visit with Nolan Venable and Kristen Pologruto, we knew we had finally found the professionals we wanted to handle our personal and business taxes. Not only were they friendly, courteous and professional, they patiently and correctly answered all our questions and made several suggestions to correct mistakes made by our previous CPA. They amended several previous years filings for both our business and personal taxes, yielding a significant savings for us. Our calls are always returned promptly. We highly recommend Nolan and Kristen to anyone seeking professional tax planning and preparation expertise.”

-Bill and Jeri Pack, Lafayette, Louisiana

“Three years ago my wife and I moved all of our investments to the care and custody of Nolan Venable, what has transpired thereafter is nothing short of fantastic. For the first time we were dealing with an investment advisor that absolutely had our best interest in mind. The first thing Nolan did was educate us in investing; he has an amazing ability to explain different investment strategies in common sense and understandable terms. The second thing that occurred was; we were able to track all of our investments, understand what they were doing, and see how they supported our retirement goals and objectives. Nolan was then able to analyze these investments as a function of our tax liability which perfectly completed our investment strategy loop. My wife and I speak about our satisfaction after each visit to Nolan’s office; we look forward to our appointments and feel confident in knowing our money is in such honest and capable hands. Nolan and his staff consistently exceed our expectations, I recommend Tax Advisor to family, friends and colleagues.”

-Robert and Dawn Suggs, Broussard, LA

“I can’t say thank you enough to Nolan and the staff at Tax Advisors. I thought I could save money and have my taxes done elsewhere. Well…long (very long)story short, I DID NOT receive the prompt and attentive service I have been having in recent years from Nolan and his staff and had no idea about the detail of my return. I called Tax Advisors very concerned and they helped immediately! No questions asked. Not only did they find mistakes (that they showed and explained to me) BUT they also found MONEY for me! My return was RE-processed in record time and they explained it to me line by line (as they always do). Lesson learned. The folks at Tax Advisors are worth every penny. Thank you Nolan for saving me time and MONEY!!”

-Ashley Russell, Lafayette, La

“Nolan has been our financial advisor for over 10 years now and it’s been the best decision we ever made. We couldn’t be happier with our relationship. But for some reason, we stubbornly continued to do our own taxes. Then during one of our financial conversations, Nolan mentioned more than a few good reasons we should turn our taxes over to Tax Advisors and it was the second best decision we ever made. Last year we worked with Kristen and this year with Todd. Everyone there is professional, knowledgeable, thorough, and warm. It couldn’t have been easier. I just packed up all our tax ‘stuff’ and sent it to them. Todd called me a few days later and within an hour, we were done! Thank you Todd for making my life easier. 10 stars out of 10!”

-Fran Berasi, Gaithersburg, MD

“To tell you my story would not only require an extensive amount of time, but it would end up reading of fiction. The errors and flaws, both accidental and presumably intentional, in my corporate tax returns were astounding. As a business owner, my focus is on generating funds to grow my business. This is my job. I am not formally trained in taxes and accounting, and I have to be able to trust the professionals I depend on to keep my business on track. After many years and many trials, it became clear to me that my previous tax professional, did not have my best interests in mind. With the IRS auditing numerous returns, both business and personal, my previous CPA abandoned his station and offered me little to no help. (Although, he didn’t mind charging me for every phone call, email, etc..) By the time Tax Advisors came into the picture, my previous CPA had pushed the IRS to the point where they closed out the case and refused any further meetings or communication in order to address the outstanding issues. I had given up any hope of even settling with the IRS. Nolan Venable, EA and Todd Ancona, EA not only picked up the broken pieces left behind by prior “professionals”, they convinced the IRS to reopen the case and took the time to explain to me everything that was going on. By the time it was all said and done, the mess was cleaned up, my returns were resubmitted, and the IRS ended up owing ME money. The long hours of work that he and his staff must have put in to help me must have overwhelming. I cannot thank them enough.”

-Tom Dean, Orlando, FL

“Todd Ancona and the staff at Tax Advisors are always so kind and friendly and willing to help even with the smallest of tasks. Todd is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to foreign tax credit; he was able to amend my past tax returns from 2008 to present and produce a HUGE refund for ever year that he amended.”

-Roy Milliman, Sulphur, LA

“I have been a client of Nolan Venable with Tax Advisors for several years. He and his staff have always been there for me when I needed them from appointments to phone calls. They have also has helped me with other needs besides just tax advice like insurance and investments through Insurance Advisors and Wealth Advisors. I appreciate them very much.”

-Linda Hebert, Maurice, LA

“Tax Advisors has been preparing our taxes for years now. Mr. Todd Ancona is new to their staff this year. I was hesitant having someone else fixing our return, but that lasted a second. Mr. Todd is a very friendly, efficient and knowledgeable person. He made me feel like his friend. Thank you so much Todd for all the time you took with me making sure everything was done perfectly.It has been my pleasure getting to know you. Thank you also, to the entire staff. They are very welcoming and friendly. I would recommended Tax Advisors to anyone. Thanks again Mr. Todd”

-Cindy Fontenot, Basile. La.

“I have used Tax Advisors for several years and have been thoroughly satisfied with their performance. I had used a couple of “CPAs” before and always seemed to be out of synch with them…they wouldn’t keep me informed, had problems with them returning phone calls, etc. Not the case with Tax Advisors. They always seemed to have enough time for me and were prompt in returning phone calls. I believe they did a very professional job and always steered me in the right direction. I came to see them as friends, in addition to highly skilled professionals. I remember one year where I had been totally submerged in my work and completely lost track of time and the next thing I knew it was April 13th. Not a good situation. I showed up on their door step and amidst all their overwhelming work load they took time, stayed extra hours and got my taxes done on time…that is customer care. I highly recommend their services.”

-Dr. Robert N. LeRay, Holiday Island, AR

“We have had our taxes done at Tax Advisers for several years now, and have always appreciated the relaxed atmosphere, as well as the kindness and friendliness shown to us by the staff. This year we met a new EA named Todd. It’s often hard to hand your financial information over to someone new, but Todd put us right at ease by introducing himself and filling us in on his education and experience. Although we still had to pay Uncle Sam more than we had hoped, we were very satisfied with Todd. His knowledge and expertise were quite evident. He asked questions of us to better find out if there were any more deductions or savings we could get. We learned a lot, and we appreciate that. So we will continue to call Tax Advisors our financial advisers! A big Thank You to Todd and the entire staff.”

-Judy Mayers, Lafayette, LA

“My taxes have been prepared at Tax Advisors for several years. I’ve always been very satisfied with their professionalism and proficiency. Mr. Todd Ancona, who prepared my taxes this year, is no exception to my previous statement. He was able to answer any questions and was in no hurry during my review. He seemed interested in preparing taxes on an individual basis, which is very much to my liking. Also, thanks to Nolan and his staff.”

-Charles Reed Trahan, Lafayette,la.

“I found Tax Advisors online and met Nolan and his team shortly after. From the beginning they were friendly, professional, and a breath of fresh air to say the least. From Nolan’s practical approach to financial advice to working with Todd throughout the process of preparing my taxes and filing was better than anything I’ve experienced in the past by far. I am a resident of Texas, but will continue to use Tax Advisors in Lafayette in the future. Thanks Nolan, Todd, & Leslie for a great experience. God Bless.”

-Stacy Turner, Houston, Texas

“Just a quick note about getting our 2014 taxes done by David Motes with Tax Advisors. My wife and I went in this Tuesday to complete the annual chore of completing our 2014 Taxes. Dave Motes came out to meet us and introduced himself. As we settled into his office, he gave us a short bio on himself. I immediately began to feel comfortable with his expertise and his manner. This feeling only grew throughout our session and by the time we left, we felt as if we had been visiting with an old friend (kind of like when I sit and chat with Nolan). All in all, what started out to be a dreaded chore turned out to be a very pleasant experience. Oh, and it was also the most favorable result we have had in many years. LCH”

-Larry C. Hebert, St. Martinville

“I was referred to Tax Advisors by my sister Linda Hebert and that WAS the best decision that I have ever made. I started with Tax Advisors in 2011 and they have always guided me in the right direction. A lot of things were told to me by another CPA and well what can I say except WRONG information!! Going to Tax Advisors starts when you walk through the front door. The administrative assistants are so pleasant, with welcoming smiles and they are very knowledgeable. They make you feel like family…Last year while waiting to see my Tax Advisor, Mr. Nolan came out and invited me into his office. He then explained to me in terms that I could understand how to save money in taxes by setting up an HRA through my business. So I followed his advice and it resulted in a huge tax savings!! Thank you Mr. Nolan!! I called this year to see who I needed to see about my taxes and Ms. Jennifer said that Mr. Nolan would look over my return and direct me to the right person for my needs. Well he did, right to MR. DAVID S. MOTES!! Mr. David was Awesome, you can see the compassion he has for his clients. He explained things to me that really helped me save money now and in the long run. He was pleasant, helpful and willing to listen to a person that really stresses….. Thanks for being there. Hope it’s a long relationship. I would Definitely Recommend this Company to anyone that’s willing to listen and you will have the Best Tax and Financial Advice anywhere!!! Yours truly, Linette Douvio”

-Michael and Linette Douvio, Duson, LA

“I also have had other tax return preparers in the past who never explained anything to me. Nolan, Todd and the rest of his staff have been so kind and pleasant to work with on all my tax needs. Explaining all items in a way that anyone can understand and their only interests are their clients and their clients needs. Awesome. I cannot say enough good things about this business and all that they do. I would recommend everyone who needs a tax service to not think twice about this company, just pick up the phone and call them. You will not regret it. Thank you, Nolan, Todd and your staff for everything you do.”

-Kurt J. Sonnier, Lafayette, La.

“Before contacting Tax Advisors, we met with a “Tax Attorney” in Lafayette. He wanted to charge us thousands of dollars to help us with our tax problems. The fee was a set amount, not based on actual work that was required. We almost fell for their sales pitch, thank goodness we didn’t. Kristen Pologruto handled our tax problems without judgment and in a very timely manner. She prompted us, without judging us for the information she needed to complete our appeal letter and taxes. Consult this company before you hire an expensive “tax attorney”. Your taxes will get done for a reasonable fee based on the actual time spent. Kristen is trained in the very confusing tax laws and you will sleep better knowing she is on “your side”. Don’t hesitate if you live a distance from their office, we handled everything but the first consultation using secure email and regular mail. They made it very easy. Thank you Kristen and Nolan for all your help.”

-Joe and Frances Tracy, Roanoke, LA

“I was a bit skeptical when my wife came and asked that we let Tax Advisors prepare our taxes. In matters of taxes, I thought I had enough knowledge to go it alone. I am so grateful I listened to her. Nolan and Kristen found deductions for us that I was not aware of and that made a huge difference in our filings. Now I can focus on other matters knowing that I am in good hands and being looked out for by experts.”

-Anthony & Jeannie DelGreco, Lafayette, LA

“”You have a letter here from the IRS!” I heard my ex-wife tell me over the phone. She was giving me the head’s-up so I could start dealing with it. I was just an old disabled veteran and I needed some help with back taxes. No clue as whom to turn to. Didn’t have a tax guy, nothing. It was April and tax filing time was imminent so all the services were busy. I tried the online services but they were either too expensive or dealt with this year’s taxes only. So I started looking for someone that could get to my problem right away. I called this place and that one. I must have called “Mr. Nolan’s” firm because, out of all the people I called and left my name and number, he was the only one who called me back–and on the same day during a busy tax season. I thought that was a pretty good indicator and turns out I was right…and lucky. It didn’t take him or his assistant long and my problem turned out to be no big deal, but it was a big deal to me and I just liked it that he stopped to help a pretty confused old guy like he did. That kind of thing inspires trust. It did for me, anyway. And it should be for anyone that agrees with the saying “Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.” It will pay off for him in the long run, though, because there won’t be any hesitation as to whom I’m going to call when tax and investment issues arise in the future. Thank you “Mr. Nolan” Venable! Sincerely, Robert Perkins”

-Robert Perkins, Baton Rouge, LA

“My husband and I first contacted Tax Advisors to help us start an LLC. Our relationship with Nolan and the staff grew tremendously from there. The entire staff is extremely friendly and considerate, each one asking if they can help us in any way. Kristen Pologruto processed our tax return and she was amazing. She was very thorough and is an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you Kristen and Nolan for everything!!”

-Donald and Darla Steinborn, Scott, LA

“I was referred to Nolan and Kristen of Tax Advisors LLC, by a co-worker last year. They looked at my tax situation, previous returns, and adequately advised me on how to handle amendments on my previous tax returns and plan the way forward. After seeing their initial work on amendments on my previous returns last year, I decided to have them handle all my tax filings going forward. I must say I am very happy with their work, depth of knowledge on tax matters, and very friendly attitude.”

-Bob Meghani,, Houston, Texas

“With starting up a new business in town I hired a nearby CPA to handle our tax accounting. When I would contact them, I never really had my questions answered so I never felt like I had a great understanding of the situation. I was referred to Nolan and through a friend who had a similar experience with their CPA. After sitting down with Nolan and his team for just a few moments I knew this was a great decision to let them handle my business. They refiled my previous years returns and I received a large tax refund from the IRS. They also showed me how to buy the right type of insurance for the security of my family with great Term Life plans as well as setting me on a course to be financially secure in the future. The cost of doing business with Tax Advisors is also about 1/3 what I was spending previously with poor results. I am very impressed with the time and attitude in which they approached my tax and accounting situation. I have and will continue to recommend them to my family and friends. Thank you Nolan, Kristen and Garrett for everything you’ve done.”

-Jason Tiel, Doctor of Chiropractic, Lafayette, LA

“To say that I despise independently preparing my own taxes would be an understatement. Nolan has assisted me in the preparation of my taxes for the last several years and it has been a pleasure working with Nolan and his team. My tax burden has been minimized due to their suggestions and although the complexity of my tax preparation is not overwhelming; it’s comforting to know that I have professionals to effectively answer my questions and streamline the process. I have confidence in their knowledge and expertise and recommend them fully to those needing or desiring professional guidance.”

-Jim Clemons, Ph.D., Lafayette, LA

“Tax time is always a hectic and stressful part of the year for me! Fortunately, a friend referred me to Matt Hebert with Tax Advisors. My friend had been so satisfied with the level of service he received that I decided to give Matt a call. I am so glad I did! In a time where it seems great customer service is the ‘exception’ rather than the ‘rule’, I was extremely impressed with the professionalism and service I received from Matt and the staff at Tax Advisors. Appointments were easy to make, phone calls and emails were answered timely, and Matt was very thorough in his approach to my taxes. I felt like I was his most important client EVERY time I interacted with him! Save yourself the headache of looking for qualified, professional, and knowledgeable tax advice and call Tax Advisors. This is quality you can trust – when it matters most! Thanks, Matt!”

-Lisa Boling, Lafayette, LA

“Two years ago I was referred to Nolan by several people. Alan and I needed to roll over a 401K and I decided to give the many referral’s a try. I am satisfied with the service I received, and never knew that I would get Kristen in the mix. I’m glad I did. She is knowledgeable and so helpful with our taxes. You get all of this in an at home atmosphere. Lauren, Nolan & his wife Jennifer, Kristen, Garrett and all the staff, thanks for all you all do and the professional manner you do it in. Very satisfied in Krotz Springs Alan and Belinda Snyder”

-Belinda Snyder, Krotz Springs, LA

“”Years ago, I turned to Nolan for help with my rollover IRA account. I’ve been very satisfied with his guidance and great service in this matter. Later, when I found myself in a troubling tax dilemma, I knew exactly where to go for advice. Nolan guided me through a particularly difficult situation with compassion and professionalism. He was able to put my mind at ease and provided a workable solution for a complex situation. He was able to further reduce my fees and penalties and significantly reduced my overall tax burden. I will be forever grateful for the support and friendship I received.” R. Starr Burdick, Breaux Bridge, LA.”

-R. Starr Burdick, Breaux Bridge, LA

“I cringed this year as April 17th approached. I delayed as long as possible because of the grief of dealing with my old CPA. Some friends recommended Tax Advisors and right from the get go they promptly responded to my inquiry, told me all documents needed and accommodated us being out of town. They made this normally depressing time of the year a breeze. I appreciate all of your information and most importantly treating my time as valuable as your own. Thank you Nolan and your team at Tax Advisors!!!”

-Jed and Robin Durand, Pollock, LA

“We were very spoiled by our tax preparer and were saddened when she retired last year. Needless to say, this created a little bit of stress for us. Nolan was recommended to us by someone we trusted so we gave him a call. We “interviewed” him over the phone, and we felt we had found the perfect replacement before ever stepping into their offices. Nolan and his staff went so far above and beyond our expectations that we felt the stress quickly diminishing. Last year brought several changes to our filing status; therefore, we had a lot of questions. Their expertise was evident in how quickly they answered our questions and found workable solutions for our issues. We follow a very conservative approach with our taxes and are grateful we were led to a firm that will accommodate that. Some preparers seem to feel that they only look good if they get a small tax bill for you. That’s only part of the picture. We, of course, want to pay the least amount possible, but don’t want to worry too much about Uncle Sam breathing down our necks. We definitely feel we found the balance with Tax Advisors.  Thanks Nolan, and your staff for making our transition as painless as possible.”

-Randy and Nanette Williams, Hornbeck, LA

“I was going to another CPA and then discovered Matt Hebert. He is friendly, honest and very educated about tax returns. This is the third year that he has helped me out. I have no reservations about telling my family and friends about Tax Advisors. And most of all, you can trust him 100%.”

-Shannon Doucet, Lafayette, LA

“After spending several years and a great deal of money to have my taxes done by a top CPA in town, I heard about Nolan Venable and Tax Advisors. I set up a meeting to find out more about his business and that was all it took. Since that day I have been with Nolan for all my tax and investment needs. Funny thing is, I wasn’t dissatisfied with my CPA, but until I sat down with Nolan I had no idea just how one-dimensional and cookie cutter my tax preparation had been. You won’t find a more experienced and passionate team when it comes to tax and investment planning than the team at Wealth Advisors and Tax Advisors. The attention to detail and quality service is second to none. Needless to say, I recommend them to everyone I know and after the first meeting, you’ll be convinced too! Thanks for the great job guys!”

-Spencer Bienvenu, Lafayette, La.

“I am happy to recommend Tax Advisors to people having complicated filing issues. They have handled some of my family’s tax returns for several years and I was aware of their quality work. Nolan and his staff were very attentive and skilled at giving me the help in reestablishing US tax residency after 20 years abroad, with a very reasonable fee considering the time spent on my forms, and besides, they have great coffee!”

-Dave Parker, Butte LaRose, La

“Like many procrastinators, I not only put off doing my taxes, I also delayed climbing aboard the Tax Advisors bandwagon. Big mistake!!! I was in the habit of doing my own taxes and rationalized I was knowledgeable enough to maximize my returns. Big mistake #2. Realistically, I knew I would eventually contact Tax Advisors regarding their services, but it took an informal chat with Nolan to provide that much needed nudge. When Lauren e-mailed me to set up a Webinar with Nolan and his team, I thought it was for him to ask me questions about the documents I sent them in order to prepare my returns. Instead, the Webinar was to discuss my actual returns. I suspect I did a good job of concealing my amazement at how quickly he finished the preparation, but it was hard for me to believe. The fact that he also completed my state return felt like an added bonus. This is the earliest I can recall having this headache behind me. And, oh by the way, did I mention that I realized roughly a plus $5,000 difference between this year and when I did my own 2011 filing? Tax Advisors, you rock!!!”

-Ray Guillory, Montgomery, AL

“They are the greatest. Saved us all the headaches we were afraid of. Very knowledgeable in All that they do. Thank you so much Nolan and your team!”

-Charles & Linda Culter, Youngsville la

“Taxes have always been very intimidating for me as well as my husband. As an independent consultant who receives a 1099 every year, we have always dreaded tax season. That was of course before I introduced him to Nolan Venable and the family at Tax Advisors. You will not find a more knowledgeable, professional, efficient or caring staff anywhere other than Tax Advisors. Nolan are not your average tax preparers. They are Enrolled Agents with the IRS and specialize in tax preparation. Having Nolan and his team work together to handle your tax needs is a true blessing and deadly combination. It doesn’t get any better than this. Using any other method of preparation for your tax needs is a disservice to your business or personal income. They care so much about their clients they treat your money like it is their own. Make your appointment today you will not be disappointed.”

-Megan Chauffe, Broussard, LA

“It’s never a great conversation to have when you start out by saying “I owe over $4,000 in taxes.” Well, that was my conversation with my boss this time last year and he immediately looked at me with this huge smile and said you need to talk to friend Nolan Venable at Tax Advisors. So I did! I will never forget that meeting. They really turned my tax return around and found things that my other CPA never touch on. Needless to say, I received a refund and I am a loyal client of Tax Advisors. They ask all the right questions and truly care about my future. Thanks again for your hard work guys!”

-Dawn Delaney, Lafayette, Louisiana

“When Nolan first introduced us to the services of Tax Advisors we were impressed with his ability to make you feel like tax time was not something that you should dread. In the years since, we had filed a few times using a tax program; big mistake!! This year we had Tax Advisors review those two years and are so happy that we did. They found a few errors and filed an amended return for us to get back money that was rightfully ours. Recently they launched a site that allows you to securely upload tax documents onto it. Since we live in Texas, this is such a great tool for us to get our tax forms to them in a timely manner. We tell anyone who will listen how personable and knowledgeable Nolan and his staff are. Dirk & Michelle Hebert”

-Dirk & Michelle Hebert, Katy, Texas

“Matt is very efficient, knowledgable, and friendly. One could not ask for a better tax preparer. At Tax Advisors, you are not a number. You are a person, and they care greatly about their clients.”

-Julie Yavarian, Lafayette, La

“Nolan came to my rescue this year. After using several other firms in town to prepare my taxes and seeing average results, I came to Tax Advisors and was ecstatic with the outcome. Their wealth of knowledge on tax deductions saved me thousands of dollars this year. Being newly self employed, their advice has given me assurance that my income and investments are being managed in my best interest. My thanks to all of the staff at Tax Advisors for that trust. I will recommend your services to everyone I know.”

-Charlotte Ducote, Youngsville, LA

“There are not enough positive accolades I can express about Nolan with Tax Advisors. This is the fourth year they have taken care of my taxes and I cannot be more thrilled by the outcome. My prior CPA explained virtually nothing and charged an exorbitant amount of money. I feel I get a lot of “bangs for my bucks” with the service Nolan and his team provide. They explain everything thoroughly via two-way computer monitors, so you can follow along with them as they go over my return in detail. Their evaluation of your tax return is comprehensive and fair. I just wish I had found Tax Advisors years ago. If I had I would be much better off financially…Thank You, Thank You, Nolan. Sincerely, Robert N. LeRay, Ph.D. Psychologist”

-Robert N. LeRay, Ph.D. Psychologist, 234 Rue Beauregard, Lafayette la.

“Well, what can I say, “it’s tax time again”. We have a crawfish farm, which means a lot of expenses throughout the year. I used to bring all of my receipts and all other necessary paperwork to who we THOUGHT were the best CPA’s in town. Nolan was already our Financial Advisor and we already knew how he handled business and we couldn’t be happier. Needless to say, when Nolan started Tax Advisors, we brought our business to him. He and his team are awesome. On our first visit, I brought in a ” small disaster” to Nolan and he couldn’t believe how the past CPA was doing our taxes. Nolan sat me down and we more or less started from scratch. Now, with the knowledge and experience that they have, tax time is now a breeze. I can’t express enough that if you want your taxes done perfectly, go see Nolan and his team with Tax Advisors. They have the experience, qualifications and compassion for their clients. The office staff is also very warm and inviting, and they make me feel right at home every time I go in. I highly recommend them to everyone. Thank you Nolan for everything you do for us.”

-Cindy Fontenot, Basile, La.